Survival Swim

Infant Aquatics Survival Lessons

Survival swimming is a technique that teaches roll on back, float, rest and breathe as well as swim-float-swim.  This program teaches young children the basics of how to float and breathe for an extended amount of time, regardless of the depth of water, until they can either reach the side of the pool or shore, or until help reaches them.

The Great Plains Family YMCA now offers survival swim lessons.  These lessons are guaranteed to teach your children the basic skills needed to survive if they fall into a body of water.  If by the end of the program, your kiddo can’t save themselves, then we will continue lessons at no additional cost.

Session 1 Pricing (May 30 - June 30)
$100 - non refundable deposit due at registration
$215 - Members
$275 - Non-Members
Program Information
- 10 Minute Lessons
- 5 Days a Week
- 4 Week Session

Certified Infant Aquatic Survivor Instructor – Tami Kellar

Tami holds multiple certifications such as LG, LGI, LGIT, ASCA Level 2 Coach, and YMCA Level 1 Stroke and Turn Judge.  Tami started as a college swimmer and now has 32 years of swim lesson experience.